If your finances have been a challenge in the past and you decided that bankruptcy was ultimatley your recourse to resolving your past issues, you may be wondering if this disqulifies you from being eligable for a new car.


The good news is that lenders do lend to people just like you all the time. One thing to consider is that interest rates may be higher in your current situation.  At Car Pros Credit we understand the challenges you are facing. We want to help you get that car you need and find a payment that fits your budget so that not only are you able to stay on the road, but so that you will be driving on the road to rebuilding your credit after a difficult period like bankruptcy.


If you have a good track record of paying previous car loans, or your financial issues were the result of uncontrollable events, Car Pros Credit can definitley help you! Let's face it, many look at bankruptcy as a safety net for irresponsible individuals; however realistically, unforeseen hardships such as medical bills and divorce are often driving factors in making the decision to file for bankruptcy.


Car Pros Credit works with you and our lending partners to find a solution that can result in a car for you and a road to rebuilding your credit. We look forward to working with you!